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“Here’s a disturbing statistic from the People for the American Way, and I’m quoting now: ‘Every district court nominee with unanimous opposition from the Senate Judiciary committee Republicans has been a woman or a person of color.’ You know, people forget that Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan was first nominated to an appeals court back in the day by President Clinton, but Republicans wouldn’t allow her a vote on that nomination. Then, when President Obama nominated her to be the third woman to ever serve on our high court, the same Republicans complained she didn’t have the experience as a judge — even though they were the ones who kept her off the bench.

And meanwhile, nominees for jobs shaping economic policy - obviously the No. 1 issue in this country - have been totally shut down. Obama nominated Nobel economist Peter Diamond to the Federal Reserve Board over a year ago. Republicans filibustered, he was renominated two more times, and he ultimately withdrew in disgust.”

I wish we could get a president that could tell people that do stuff like this (republican or no) to eat a dick. just get some dicks. put them in a bowl. Then proceed to eat them until you are done with your dicks. Except the ladies. They have had enough dicks (the joke is there are no ladies dohohoho)

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    I wish we could get a president that could tell people that do stuff like this (republican or no) to eat a dick. just...
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    Huh. File under: GOP are racists, GOP are sexists, MSNBC crucifying the GOP, MSNBC actually has interesting points...
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    Well, shit, America. What the hell are you doing?
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    Reblogging so I can use this this shit (among may other poignant shits) back mid-2012 when bitches start getting heated...
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